Strategic Partners 

/ Bitmain Technologies, LTD


China based, world's largest manufacturer of (Bitcoin/LiteCoin/ZCash/SiaCoin) mining rigs (Antminer Brand), operator of mining pool and hosting services.  Most popular models: Antminer A3, Antminer S9 and Antminer L3.

/ Innosilicon Technologies, LTD


China based high tech manufacturer of Litecoin mining rigs. Models include A4 Dominator and A4+ LTC Master. Most popular models: A4 Dominator and A4+ LTC Master.

/ Shenzhen Halley Cloud Technology Company


Exclusive manufacturer and distributor of PandaMiner brand. All mining rigs are custom designed based on the latest GPU technology. Main models: PandaMiner B3 Pro and PandaMiner B5 Plus.

/ MoneyToken


The blockchain-based lending platform aimed at cryptocurrency investors and miners. Using crypto assets as collateral, borrowers will be able to maintain their asset positions while getting access to the stable and spendable funding in return.  



Located near Watertown, NY,PetaWatt is a vertically integrated energy, facilities & service provider to high demand energy consumers, such as blockchain cryptominers, hydroponic operators and data centers. PetaWatt focuses on developing local smart energy hubs -a mix of data centers, hydroponic produce operators and cryptominers. PetaWatt provides the necessary infrastructure to support its clients' hardware. In an environment of shifting energy rates, tariffs and regulations, PetaWatt manages all ancillary services, including power and HVAC, allowing clients to focus on their businesses. 



Privately owned cryptocurrency mining company , located in Winnipeg, Canada. Currently operating multiple facilities with combined power of 5.8 meg.  



Privately owned, NY based technology corporation, focused on development and operation of the mining pool and trading blockchain applications.  

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