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Integrated Ventures Inc (OTCQB:INTV) Making A Comeback

ByJim Bloom

Posted on February 20, 2018

It may be fair to say that Integrated Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS:INTV) has not had the best reaction from the market over the last few months.

However, with its investment in the highly volatile yet lucrative cryptocurrency market along with its most recent acquisitions, it is only likely that the firm will be in the up for a while yet.

Integrated Ventures, Inc. was established by Colin Mills in March 2011 and is headquartered in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. The firm focuses on the development and marketing of mobile platform that connects healthcare providers. It tends to expand operations to focus on investing in both private and public companies. It includes healthcare, medicinal cannabis cultivation, on-demand transportation, technology, manufacturing, and distribution of the consumer goods.

Recent Developments

In February, the firm announced the signing of an Agreement for Authorized Resale with Shenzhen Halley Cloud Technology Company, who is the sole producer of the altcoin mining device, PandaMiner.

PandaMiner is a GPU unified altcoin mining device which enables multiple hashing algorithms like Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. It is collected using a high configuration graphics card, highly compatible and customized case and other optimized accessories for the maximum mining efficiency.

As part of the contract, the firm agreed to acquire fifty PandaMiner Pro mining rigs with an estimated acquisition value of $0.21 million. This estimate includes fifty Power Source Units as well as DHL shipping

Chief Executive of Integrated Ventures, Steve Rubakh explained that management was very pleased to set up this partnership with makers of PandaMiner, as they envisage growing this affiliation further to comprise manufacturing aspect designed to boost and power sales of the Nemesis Brand in the USA. Both firms strongly believe that GPU based mining is the future and plan to construct the mining operation with a focus on this exciting technology.

In the same month, the firm announced that it had acquired CreditCalc, a well-used, a high-end loan management and calculation platform. The stock-based deal was estimated to speed up the development period of the firm’s blockchain based lending system – LoanFunder.

CreditCalc was developed in 2010 by the ITBS team, handles roughly 2,000 users in each month and currently powers all while generating over 600,000 page views and averaging 200,000 daily visits.

The loan calculation platform is a flexible system which can be tweaked to adjust for the features of a given market, which makes it capable of offering users a very detailed summary of all applicable fees, repayment options, and schedules.

CreditCalc allows borrowers and lenders to carry out complex calculations associated with different kinds of loans ranging from mortgages, car loans, business loans and other financial instruments. Furthermore, it provides customers with access to the custom credit programs and freedom to shop and compare for diverse kinds of loan facilities.

Steve Rubakh also mentioned that the firm has only just successfully launched operations and received revenues from operating two cryptocurrency mining locations in Pennsylvania and the sales of mining equipment. The firm has come into the new year in a very comfortable cash position, no convertible debt whatsoever, over $0.5 million worth of mining assets while yet churning out sales figures as high as $0.105 million, after just thirty-nine days of operations with extraordinary profits.

Financial Results

As at December 2017, the firm had attained gross profit of $58,270 and total revenues of $105,088, or approximately 55%. It also had amassed cryptocurrency assets with a market value of $43,786 as well as additional cash reserves of $17,730 which was as a result of sales of mining rigs at December 31.

Other highlights include:

  • Net cash incomes rising from sale of investments of $579,460

  • Outlay on cryptocurrency mining equipment and associated assets worth over $0.3 million

  • Total assets grew by 71% from $296,280 in the first quarter to $508,105 at the end of the calendar year

  • Total liabilities from fell by 57%, from $504,210 to $214,946 at the end of the calendar year

  • The firm was successful in reducing the remainder of the convertible debt through a share exchange, by using OTTV shares and converting it to the common stock

  • The firm raised additional equity capital of $160,000the the sale of preference shares.


Although the stock’s performance in the last few months has not been encouraging, it is clear that management has put in a lot of effort to keep the company on the right path.

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